Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tough patient

So a few days after the big ice storm, dad took us out hiking. There was still some ice in the woods and Indy managed to cut his foot pretty bad and he had to go to the vet for some liquid stitches and to get his foot wrapped. Mom was smart and stuck one of my winter running shoes on him so he wouldn't eat off the wrapping. 

Over the last 1 week 1/2 dad has had to clean and re-wrap Indy's foot a couple of times to make sure it continues to heal. The easiest way for dad to do it, is to put Indy on his back in his lap..well as you can see, by the time dad is done cleaning and re-wrapping his foot, Indy is very distraught. So much so that he has completely fallen asleep!

What a big baby!

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Amber and Nala said...

Oh poor Indy!! I hope you feel better! I know how the ice can be....some people laugh at my Mom when she tells them I need boots and they say things like, "she's a dog, she'll be fine." but my Mom explains that even though I am tough my short hair makes me susceptible to nasty cuts when it's icy. She then asks them how they would like to walk barefoot on the spikey ice. :) Are those the Ruff Wear boots you have on? We are thinking of getting those ones. :)

Have a great night!