Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mountain Biking is tough

So its that time of year again! Mountain Bike race season. Dad did a 13 hr race this past weekend and mom was the pit crew, so we got to go along. It was a goregous day and we just had a ton of fun...so much it wiped us out!

Indy ate and drank too much and had to sleep it off...what a partier!

I enjoyed the afternoon in the back of the Suby where there was sun, shade and many cushy things to lie on.

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Amber and Nala said...

That is so cool! Did you know that my pawrents have done mountain bike races too but that was before I came along. They have never taken me with them on any bike rides but Mom says it is her goal to do that this summer! Hope your Dad did well and your Mom had fun being the pit crew. My Mom says she knows what it's like from both ends. :)